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kukutana does not receive any commission from the sale. A contract is made directly between buyer and artist. The online gallery is non-profit and common-goods-spirited.
Transport cost will be charged extra and named in each individual case beforehand. Freight, insurance and packaging will be arranged between artist and buyer, mediated by kukutana. All costs will be clarified and agreed upon beforehand. The buyer bears the costs for the transport.
On international tax regulations and systems: In Germany there might be an import sales tax for artworks. 
The buyer checks the status on his own responsibility. 

If the buyer comes from any other country (inside or outside of the EU), the evaluation and clarification of the taxes to be potentially paid and ohter regulations rest upon the buyer. 

Triple Security

kukutana accompanies, mediates, and services the money transfer (sending money from the german account to an African account). This secures the buyer as well as the artist. Transparency is important: The entire process is controlled and documented step-by-step by kukutana and thus secured.
Cost for the money transfer will be kept low; therefore the purchase amount is transferred by the buyer to the German account of kukutana. After the buyers confirm the arrival of the artwork at their address, kukutana transfers (via the cheapest option, often a finance app) the full purchase amount to the artist.


The artists will undertake the shipment, mainly via air freight. The amount of the individual freight charges will be stated in advance and approved by the buyers.
Example: 1 painting from Uganda to Germany (framed on canvas, size 120 x 90 cm) 78€ | 1 print from South Africa (rolled in freight roll, length 120 cm, 36€). Duration: 1 to 3 weeks. 


The artwork could be sent as a framed piece, or as stretched canvas on a wooden frame, or unframed and rolled up and secured in a stable tube. It might be sent unframed; this is usually cheaper. 

The buyer decides and negotiates with the artist.

Suitable frames can be purchased online at various good online stores. 

Process and rules in detail

You may find a step-by-step description of the process for you to download.

Or: You mail your questions to: [email protected] | or you call and inquire in person: #49 173 74 50 342.

General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

These - under German legislation - you find in this document.


The amount of freight charges changes from country to country. It will be stated in advance and approved by the buyer.

The most secure, fitting, and cheapest way will be chosen. 
If there is any cost and need for special packaging, the buyer will carry those.  They will be stated and discussed in advance and approved by the buyer.

The duration of a shipment is hard to tell these days: it might take longer as logistics are stretched globally.

The shipment of the artwork is traceable by receiver and sender.

Authenticity and certificate:

The artworks conveyed by kukutana are unique and one of a kind - unless otherwise indicated, for example in the case as a limited edition of photographs or prints. 
In this case, the limited edition is indicated and the individual works are numbered. 

The artists signs the artworks and thus confirms the authenticity of the artwork. A certificate names the creator, origin, year of creation, material, and ownership of the individual artwork.

You want to cancel your purchase?

If the artwork has not been shipped, you are welcome to cancel your order.
Please send a quick informal mail: [email protected]. 

Account number of kukutana

Bank: GLS Bank
Holder: Heinz-Ulrich Wünsch

IBAN: DE13 4306 0967 1217 0429 00


Returning your artwork?

You have received the artwork and would like to return it? Unfortunately, this is not possible.
However, kukutana will gladly put up the artwork in its online-gallery. There it is for sale at the same selling price you paid. Perhaps a new buyer will be found. We will then connect buyer and seller as described free of charge. 

your artwork has been damaged during transport?

The artwork has been carefully packaged and shipping is insured. If the artwork is damaged, the buyer at once takes a picture of the damage and describes the damage found with [email protected].

The case will then be reported to the artist and the respective transport company.
The photo and documentation should be made immediately upon arrival of the artwork and sent to kukutana.

Hedging the risk

A purchase agreement is always concluded between buyer and artist - this is done bindingly via mails to kukutana. 

Should kukutana stop acting / functioning for any reason, the purchase will be finished by Mr. Ulrich Wünsch (owner) privately.

A copy of a certificate issued by the artists proves authenticity and ownership. An example is available for download below. 

General Terms and Conditions

Letter of Intent artis-kukutana