Partner(s): Fashion-Art-Design

Return to Sender!

Bobby Kolade, fashion designer and kukutana partner in Kampala, Uganda, gets a job done: RETURN TO SENDER! He upcycles used clothes from Europe. Coming to Kampala in big bales, they clog the market of Kampala, and have destroyed the Ugandan clothing industry.
Bobby creates designer fashions and one-of-a-kind pieces out of curated bits form those bales; then returns the newly designed clothes to senders.
To be bought @ BUZIGAHILL.
Six seamstresses, one photographer, and three people in the organization now have jobs. Read more in the Guardian.


Fashion Africa 254 / FA254 is a Berlin-based Fashion Office founded in 2013. We introduce and promote African creative brands into the European market through Brand Consulting, Public Relations, and E-Commerce.


MTINDO book highlights how creative minds of Africa embrace and acknowledge the continent’s progress and style. Kenyan-born CEO of FA254, Waridi – Wardah, and award-winning photographer Daniele Tamagni (1975-2017) capture a new generation of African-style movers who are the representatives of this creative generation eager to bring change and make a difference in rebranding Africa’s future. The featured images by Daniele Tamagni of musicians, artists, filmmakers, and writers on the move in their home country, Kenya, deliver stunning proof of the power and the diversity of avant-garde creatives from the African continent. Hundreds of young talents in all fields of the arts are now contributing to the future of Africa, sending strong messages to the local and global scenes.

Faces up

Faces up: A remarkable NGO in Uganda, founded and run by youth and young adults. At faces up, art is created and through art comes support: artworks fund education - a great approach. 
Currently, young people in Uganda do not have the tools they need to thrive. Most often, they are not encouraged to think independently, express themselves creatively, work as part of a team, and pursue their own goals. And above all, they often lack a mentor to support them. 
Faces up says: young people make the most of what they have (creativity) and we share their creativity with the whole world in the form of artwork, products and art prints to raise the money they need (tuition) and to give them the (quality) education they deserve. In addition: creating, but also selling a piece of art makes you proud and resilient.
Youth unemployment in Uganda currently stands at 13.3% (2019, unofficial reliable rate), posing a huge challenge to the country's socio-economic development. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of unemployed youth has skyrocketed and is expected to increase further. To counteract this, faces up teaches young people (14 and older) practical skills in arts and crafts so they can start their own businesses. This also helps them to become proud and resilient.

Works can be purchased online @ faces up or individual contact made via kukutana.