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kukutana is an online-gallery and meeting place. 
kukutana provides affordable artworks by contemporary artists from sub-Saharan African countries to individuals and organizations interested in and with an affinity to art.
kukutana curates and seeks meaningful, compelling, value-stable, appealing works in the genres of painting, art-photography, graphics & print.
kukutana is committed to aesthetic enjoyment and pleasure in an #art-for-many.
kukutana believes that art should be accessible.
 kukutana is a non-profit entity and registered as part of SABAA.education.

kukutana offers African artists the opportunity to present and sell their works to the interested public.
The online-gallery aims to create opportunities for buyers and artists: By bringing together creators and connoisseurs; by increasing the visibility of contemporary African art; by enabling artists to earn a living.
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Wünsch founded and manages kukutana. In 2017, he started the non-profit company SABAA.education. SABAA presents a biennial art award (#ensemble 1, 2021) for sub-Saharan African artists.
kukutana curates a selection from those entries. In addition, artworks from emerging and established artists are curated on an ongoing basis.
kukutana believes that now (more than ever), people on this challenged planet want and need art and aesthetic experiences in their daily lives: #art-for-many

kukutana works oriented towards the common good and functions as a non-profit organization. The gallery does not get any provision. The annual balance sheet (found publicly at SABAA.education) provides transparent information. 

  • The artworks at kukutana were created by outstanding artists in sub-Saharan Africa who have a body of work, are pursuing professional careers, and are on their way to museums and galleries as well as private collections and private buyers. 
  • The selection was carefully curated by kukutana.
  • The works shown in the online-gallery are owned by the artists and can be purchased and shipped immediately.
  • A certificate confirms authenticity, origin and ownership of each unique work of art.
  • kukutana acts as an intermediary between the artist, the artwork and the buyer. kukutana curates, procures, assists and provides the links for the secure handling purchase.
  • kukutana offers individuals the opportunity to show their social commitment by enriching spaces and places with authentic, aesthetic moments. Certificate and information about the artwork and sub-Saharan Africa complete this unique experience.
  • Please ask for suggestions, kukutana will advise you, show examples and propose solutions in front of your individual company ([email protected]).
  • For more detail please see the FAQ-section of kukutana.